Simple IMAP Copy/Migrate/Backup script

In the last weeks I spend some time to migrate my own GoogleMail account and the accounts of my parents to a own dovecot/exim server. The reason for this migration is to get more control of my mail system. Also Google disabled the Exchange Active Sync for free accounts. Active Sync was a very nice to integrate GoogleMail accounts into iOS Devices with well worked push support.

I search for a simple script to copy mails from one IMAP server to another but there was not the perfect solution for me. The most scripts copy everything and have no possibility to select folders or map folders to another folder.

My solution was to wrote it by myself. The goal was a very simple command line interface to copy a selection of folders from one server to another.

python \ "" \
"[Google Mail]/All messages" DestinationFolder

It should also work great with many messages. My archive contains over 69.000 mails. (Yes, I should clean up.) The script doesn't have a dependencies because the imaplib is very impressive and useful.

You can find the script under:

Update I got one nice pull requests which allows limit the amount of messages to copy. Also you can skip a number of messages.

Why I deactivated Power Nap of Mac OS X

I backup my Mac Book to my NAS but Power Nap broke it two times. :(

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Deactivate Mac OS X boot sound

I like Mac OS X but sometimes the boot sound is very annoying such as in lectures. But you should regard that the sound is the result of the EFI self test. If there a problem of RAM or CPU than the melody is going to change. So please consider this first before you read more of this post.

If you still want to deactivate the boot sound than you should take a look to StartNinja. I tested it on Mountain Lion 10.8.2 and it works fine.


My new favorit monospace font: Source Code Pro

I found a new great monospace font called Source Code Pro. Now I'm using it in my terminal and editor.

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A programmer needs documentation.

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Testing multiple Flask version on Travis-CI

As a Flask extension developer you will normally want to test your extension against a list of Flask versions.

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